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Are you a lender looking to hire a reliable appraiser? Are you a homeowner looking for a fast and affordable appraisal for your loan application? Choice Point Home Appraisals in NOT an AMC, we are an independent appraisal firm with over 15 years experience servicing the Houston market area. We understand that loan process can be confusing enough without the appraisal process adding even more paperwork and complexity.  We strive to make report ordering and delivery as easy as efficient as possible.

We pride ourselves on delivering appraisal reports that are accurate and concise; written to provide loan underwriters the exact data they are looking for to evaluate your loan. We know that underwriting conditions can be a major bottleneck so we address possible issues before they become a request for clarification. This proactive approach cuts down on the unnecessary “back and forth” between appraisers and the client which means you can close the loan faster.

How Do Lender Use Your Appraisal?

The appraisal report will provide your bank or lender a clearer understanding of all the factors that influence a home’s value and provide an opinion of value based on this data. It ensures the bank that your agreed upon contract price is in-line with the fair market value of the home. The appraisal will consider some of the following:

  • How much other homes are selling for in the area
  • The gross living area of the home
  • The lot size and placement of the property
  • The total room count specifically bedrooms and baths
  • Overall quality and condition of the home
  • External factors that may influence value such as proximity to roads, power substations, etc.
  • Unique features of the home or property

It’s important to understand the difference between a real estate appraisal and a home inspection. While an appraisal is mostly a visual evaluation of the property, a home inspection is an in-depth review of the home. The structure, building components and systems are tested for proper functioning and level of maintenance. For this reason it is recommended that a home inspection be performed PRIOR to a home appraisal and that the resulting report be provided to your appraiser for consideration within his/her assessment.

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Areas We Cover

Below is a list of just SOME of the areas we cover. If your area isn’t listed, please give us a call or submit a message via our contact form.

Zip Codes: 77502, 77503, 77504, 77505, 77506, 77507, 77550, 77551, 77554, 77563, 77510, 77517, 77536, 77571, 77012, 77033, 77047, 77048, 77051, 77061, 77075, 77087, 77089, 77017, 77034, 77061, 77087, 77587, 77520, 77521, 77523, 77562, 77029, 77547, 77586, 77546, 77581, 77584, 77565, 77518, 77573, 77539, 77059, 77058, 77062, 77545, 77583, 77578, 77511, 77598, 77568, 77590, 77591

Market Areas: Pasadena, Deer Park, La Porte, Shore Acres, South East Houston, South Houston, Baytown, Mont Belview, Highlands, Jacinto City, Galena Park, Seabrook, Friendswood, Pearland, Kemah, Bacliff, League City, Dickinson, San Leon, Clear Lake, Fresno, Manvel, Alvin, Webster, La Marque, Texas City, Santa Fe, Hitchcock, Galveston