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Largest Houston Real Estate Agencies

The continuing economic and industrial growth of Houston means that real estate prices remain fluid, and this fluidity, in addition to economic growth factors, attracts many real estate agencies and brokerage firms. Houston is a lucrative market, and it naturally attracts some of the largest real estate agencies in the state, country, and even worldwide. When asked, a local real estate appraiser explained that Houston’s home prices remain stable due to the strong economic factors in the market area.


Houston’s sustained rate of economic and industrial growth has continued to attract real estate investors and property buyers from various parts of the country. Such lucrative circumstances also attract the attention of big real estate brokerage firms and agencies, all keen to capitalize on investments in real estate. While the majority of business revolves around commercial real estate such as office and industrial space, a significant portion goes to individual or organizational real estate purchases. Some of the largest Houston real estate agencies include the following:

CBRE Group Inc.

For more than four decades, the CBRE Group Inc. has provided end-to-end real estate services to millions of customers in Houston. This real estate agency specializes in commercial and industrial real estate properties and space. A part of the agency is also dedicated to residential real estate business, but the company’s main focus is commercial and industrial acquisitions and investments. CBRE Group Inc. deals with major real estate business in Houston, Texas, the United States, and internationally. Such reach has allowed it to attract some of the best real estate agents in the business, as demonstrated by it having more than 162 such agents. The company is also publicly traded in the New York Stock Exchange.

CBRE Houston
2800 Post Oak Blvd #500, Houston, TX 77056


Transwestern has been in the real estate business in the state of Texas for almost three decades. As a private company with about 130 world-class real estate agents, this company oversees commercial and residential assets in Houston as well as other parts of the United States. Transwestern is based in Austin, Texas, but has offices in many cities within the country. It also offers advisory and consultancy services in matters related to real estate such as investment, management, and real estate development.

7600 W Tidwell Rd # 106, Houston, TX 77040

Jones Lang LaSalle

JLL is the third-largest real estate agency in Houston, with 103 world-class agents and millions of United States dollars in monthly earnings. The company is based in Houston and has been offering its services to both private and organizational customer for more than two decades. JLL specializes in office space acquisitions, leasing and management, asset development, brokerage services, and other real estate consultancy-based services. It attracts some of the best-performing agents based on its stellar performance in the office space segment of Houston’s real estate market. JLL has recently ventured into the industrial asset market segment to capitalize on the lucrative Texas industrial real estate market.

Jones Lang LaSalle
1401 Enclave Pkwy, Houston, TX 77077


While Houston continues to experience rapid industrial and economic growth, various individual and organizational customers will continue to seek premium real estate agency services. Consequently, the region will continue to be home to several of the largest regional and national real estate companies such as the CBRE Group Inc., Transwestern, and JLL.